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Who Sets The Price?

This is important. Priced too high... the item won't sell. Priced too low... it's unfair to the consignor. We price to sell with resale pricing and our experience helps us price fairly for both buyer and seller. Our store targets for sales within two weeks, and customer reactions have proven the success of this approach. We sell your quality items for maximum profit quickly!



Unlike most consignment stores, we offer 50% of the sale price (60% on fine jewelry) to the consignor. Checks for sold items are calculated on the first business day of each month for items sold the previous month. Checks are mailed within 7 days thereafter, noting the items sold.


What If My Items Don't Sell?

Items that are desirable and priced right sell! In the event your items have not sold within the 60 day term of contract, Consign-It Home Furnishings has the option to re-consign your items for an additional 30 days at a reduced price. You may reclaim your merchandise within 10 calendar days of contract expiration -- or you may elect to have it donated. Your donation is tax deductable and a tax form will be mailed to you, upon request. Any item(s) not reclaimed within the 10 days will be considered abandoned and will be donated.

Our inventory consists of all types of upscale furniture, fine accessories for the home, patio furniture, home-office furniture, artwork, and lamps. Acceptable items must be in excellent condition. We do not consign items that need to be refinished or repaired, and they must be complete with necessary parts for assembly. Upholstered furniture should look like NEW. (It must be clean, no fading, no stains, not worn or torn)

We do NOT Accept the Following Items:


  • Bathroom Bar Lighting

  • Stuffed Animals - Dolls - Toys

  • Appliances - Kitchen or Barbecue Utensils

  • Bathroom Accessories

  • Dried Floral Arrangements

  • Accessories that cannot be sold for a minimum of $10.00 (at our discretion)

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Window Coverings - Bedding - Yarn Goods

  • Liquor Bottles

  • Murphy Beds

  • Upholstered items with visible pet hair, tears, stains of any kind - worn or dirty areas (must be in style and look like new)

  • Wood items with water stains - cigarette burns - or in need of repair or refinishing.

  • Artwork that is supposed to have glass and does not - ie. Prints or Watercolors

  • Artwork without frames (at our discretion)

  • Frames - without artwork (at our discretion)

  • Stereo Speakers

  • Organs

  • Hydraulic Chairs (at our discretion)




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